I was born and grew up in Paris (France) in 1976, before moving to Athens (Greece). I graduated in Byzantine History (University Paris 1 and Aristoteleio of Thessaloniki) and in Film Archives and Restoration (University Paris 8 and Complutense in Madrid). I stayed in Spain almost 7 years before returning to Paris (France). I currently live in Stockholm (Sweden).
My father offered me my first Olympus (OM 1) when I was 21, my former colleagues offered me my second - and current - camera (OM 2) when I left Filmoteca Española, in 2007.
I have had the chance to live in several places and travel to many countries. Some photographs were published by Philippe Clerc in OXPatagonie (Argentine). Vues de train (160), Buenos Aires (167), Riposte (173) & Marché aux poissons. Tokyo (221). Some other pictures of my wanderings are here.
The drawing of the homepage is a work of Evelyn Ortlieb (1925-2008). In memoriam.

Self-portrait at Hotel Palace. Bologna, Italy (2003)

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